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Eco-friendly knitwear contains skin-healing properties

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German fashion label Twosquaremeter produce knitwear made with milk and seaweed fibers thought to benefit the skin.

The eco-friendly fashion trend continues to flourish. In the recent months we’ve seen flipflops made from upcycled newspaper and biodegradable shoes. The next ethically-produced idea comes from German label Twosquaremeter, with their knitwear made from milk and seaweed which nourishes the skin as it’s worn. Twosquaremeter is a brand created by Innovation and Clothing Factory, with a range of jerseys and cardigans made from specially developed biological yarns. The yarns contain either seaweed fibers or milk protein fibers, both of which are thought to contain healing and nourishing properties for the skin. To produce the milk-based knitwear, natural milk is skimmed and drained before the extracted proteins are processed into fibers. Twosquaremeter claim that these fibers bind sweat and neutralize the smell, while also regulating body temperature. The other garments, meanwhile, are created by combining cotton with seaweed, which is said to contain skin-rejuvenating vitamins and minerals. Produced using special techniques, these seaweed fibers do not lose their beneficial properties when the garment is washed, ensuring the articles continue to nourish skin even after multiple wears. The label claims to adhere to strict ethical standards to ensure their production process is environmentally sound and sustainable, and will only produce in countries that comply with their policies. The video below shows some of the Twosquaremeter product range: Eco-friendly fashion is all well and good, but add cosmetically-enhancing natural fabrics to the mix, and you have an eco superior product that benefits the body as well as the planet. One to be inspired by! Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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