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Eco shower device turns waste hot water into an energy source

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Ecodrain is an easy-to-install drain that heats up incoming shower water with the hot water going down the plug hole.

Smart devices are already helping homeowners to monitor their resource usage and reduce utility bills, with products like Sprāv focusing particularly on tracking how much water is used in the shower. However, such devices typically only inform and don’t offer practical solutions. Ecodrain is an easy-to-install drain that heats cold water using the hot water going down the plug hole.

According to the Canada-based company, hot water accounts for one of the largest parts of household energy bills, yet most of it ends up going down the drain seconds after it’s been heated. Ecodrain is a heat exchanger that can be installed in place of pipes that drain shower water. It recaptures some of the heat of used shower water that travels through it, applies it to a stream of cold water connected to the shower supply. Fresh warm water is then added to the supply feeding the shower, reducing the amount of hot water required straight from the boiler.

Watch the video below for an explanation of how the system works:

Ecodrain creates a cycle of reused heat energy to reduce excess energy usage and cut household bills. The device could also be installed in any hot water system, and the company says that homeowners could save up to USD 250. The Ecodrain A1000 starts from USD 439.95. Are there other ways to reuse energy from the home to avoid waste?



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