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Eco-pots for green gardeners

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Coming to the rescue of eco-friendly gardeners whose choice was previously limited to stoneware or cheap plastic pots and planters, EcoForms of Santa Rosa, California developed attractive sustainable pots. EcoForm pots are made from by-products of renewable and sustainable crops, namely grain husks (primarily rice hulls) and natural binding agents (a combination of starch based, water soluble binders and biodegradable additives). Under average use and conditions, they’ll last five years and are freeze and thaw resistant. Once discarded into a landfill, decomposition will take place, with the products breaking down into nutrient-rich organic matter with a PH value of 7.0. Combining sustainability with eco-chic, the pots have a smooth finish and come in a variety of shapes and natural colours, in both decorative and grower lines. The products were developed by Sweetwater Nurseries in cooperation with an Asian manufacturing partner. EcoForm is currently only available on the West Coast of the United States, sold at nurseries and green-minded retailers such as Whole Foods. Similar products are being developed and manufactured by British Earth Buddy, Canadian BioPot and Australian EnviroArc. However, sales networks are limited and this sounds like a growth market in every sense of the word. EcoForms welcomes enquiries from wholesalers, as well as custom orders from buyers interested in developing proprietary designs, styles, trays or colours.



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