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IKEA kitchens, designed and installed locally

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We’ve already seen a company that will take IKEA orders and pick up the merchandise for those who don’t live close to an associated store. Now, along similar lines, there’s EcoModernism, a North Carolina company that will design, assemble and install IKEA kitchens. EcoModernism designs IKEA kitchens to the client’s specifications regardless of where they live, reviewing plans live via Skype to make sure everything’s in order. EcoModernism then compiles, checks and assists with placing the actual order. The company’s design fee for an IKEA kitchen is based on an hourly rate, with most designs completed within 16 hours. Prior to installation, EcoModernism helps the client coordinate all preparation work locally, including the process of finding reputable local contractors to handle demolition, sheetrock repair, preliminary plumbing and electrical work. Once that’s all taken care of, EcoModernism will travel to the site to assemble and install the kitchens they’ve designed; assembly and installation ranges from 75 to 90 percent of the cost of cabinets at IKEA. All told, design and order assistance from EcoModernism averages between USD 650 and USD 900, the company says. Installation takes about 3 weeks, but for those in a hurry, EcoModernism also offers a USD 1,500 two-week premium facilitation service. EcoModernism has clients in London, Ontario; Charleston, SC; Alexandria, Va.; and outside of Kansas City, it says. Time to set up an IKEA feeder business in your neck of the woods…?



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