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Designer hand sanitizer from fashion label Ed Hardy

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Now that toilet seat covers, first-aid kits and vomit bags have been upgraded with a splash of style, the Ed Hardy line of designer hand sanitizer comes not a moment too soon. The Los Angeles fashion label’s Ed Hardy Habit line clearly targets style-conscious consumers with a variety of sanitizers packaged featuring themes and motifs borrowed from its popular clothing line, which was created by French designer Christian Audigier based on the designs of Don Ed Hardy, also known as “the godfather of modern tattoo.” Skulls, tigers and other tattoo-like designs all figure prominently on the 9.2 oz and 2.3 oz bottles in the line, as well as on its foaming version and hand-sanitizer pens. All are alcohol-based, with vitamin E to keep hands feeling soft. All are also manufactured by Habitual Solutions without any animal-derived or animal-tested ingredients; reportedly, they feature a coconut bergamot scent. Though they’re currently sold out online, Ed Hardy Habit hand sanitizers are also sold in select stores in California, Tennessee and Georgia, with prices of USD 5 for the 2.3 oz. size and USD 13 for the 9.2 oz. pump. Is there any product too mundane to be upgraded with a modern twist of style and a premium price? Certainly not! Or at least, we’re still waiting to find one. Look around and you’ll surely see countless other examples of daily necessities that have yet to be given a makeover of their own. Pick one and make it new again, and you’ll soon be eligible for a little upgrade yourself! 😉



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