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Real-time flight reviews via Android and iPhone

Travel & Tourism

Regular Springwise readers may remember Lufthansa’s MySkyStatus service, which lets air travellers get flight status updates posted automatically to their Facebook or Twitter profiles. Offering a variation on the same theme, mobile application EezeeRator now gives users a simplified way to share real-time flight information and reviews via Android and iPhone. EezeeRator is a free travel companion from French Air Valid that allows passengers to post airline reviews while in flight. Travellers need only download the application—an Android version is available now, with iPhone software coming next month. With an on-board wifi connection, they can then use the application to search for airline and flight information, post reviews, and send messages, tweets and pictures in real-time from their phones. Preformatted message templates make it quick and easy to add text or photos and post; the resulting messages get sent both to Twitter and to Eezeer, Air Valid’s airline-focused social network with information sheets on 1,220 airlines, information and ratings for more than 47,000 flight numbers from 260 airlines, and some 120,000 reviews from 45,000 members. All messages are moderated by the EezeeRator team, and a GPS function confirms that users are where they say they are. The company blog explains: “The next time your flight attendant gives you the cold shoulder when you ask for an extra bag of pretzels, whip out your phone and tell everyone! These are the types of applications that will show which companies are taking care of their customers and which are hiding behind slick advertising.” Indeed, in addition to that much-needed dose of transparency for the airline industry, EezeeRator also gives passengers additional services including door-to-door luggage collection and delivery (thanks to First Luggage), and a way to purchase carbon offsets (through a partnership with JPMorgan Climate Care). All that and a heaping helping of nowism too! What is *your* brand doing to enable instant gratification for its customers…?



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