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Coaching service helps singles with online dating

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Dating has always been a more or less brutal experience, but its shift into the online world in recent years has brought a whole new set of challenges. New York-based eFlirt Expert is a company that strives to help singles market themselves well online and then successfully navigate the transition into the real world. Recognizing that success in online dating is initially a matter of putting one’s best self forward on the web, eFlirt Expert begins by helping clients create the best virtual first impression they can while remaining faithful to their tastes and personality. Online profile creation and makeovers are both available, as are photo editing and help crafting irresistible emails. In addition to online dating profiles, eFlirt Expert can help with every aspect of a client’s digital footprint, including also Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Offline, eFlirt Expert offers not just dating and wardrobe advice but even a shadowing service where a coach discreetly follows a client on a date and can offer assistance when the client requests it through a prearranged signal. It also offers a custom VIP service for busy executives. Pricing for eFlirt’s “eMix” package–including profile creation or makeover, photo selection, dating site suggestions, six ghostwritten emails per week, wardrobe review and unlimited dating advice by email–costs USD 225 for the first month and USD 110 monthly thereafter. Many services are offered a la carte as well, including shadowing on a two-hour date for USD 99. Much the way consumers increasingly value curation as the choices confronting them grow in number, so too are they likely to appreciate hand-holding and assistance in what’s become an overwhelmingly complex dating world. eFlirt’s in-person services are currently available only in New York and Boston, however–one to partner with or emulate for lonelyhearts in other parts of the world…? (Related: Photographer offers a profile photo shoot for $79Mobile dating app lets singles broadcast their availabilityFree makeover & online profile photo from Estée LauderOnline dating, Facebook-styleDating site lets women call the shotsDating profiles in 140 characters or lessHelping tech-timid professionals use LinkedIn and FacebookOnline speed datingDNA-driven dating service.) Spotted by: Casey Brennan



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