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Personalized carbon calculator

Electric company creates individual carbon calculator

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An electric company has created an app to send live updates on carbon and electricity usages while also altering users when to switch things on and off.

New Zealand’s Flick Electric Co introduced its personalized carbon calculator for individual customers. Now, people who use the company’s electricity decide on the spot if the carbon emissions are worth the power. The team at Flick wants to help customers understand the impact of everyday usage. Despite many people understanding the importance of sustainable power, few know how much carbon each home appliance actually creates. The company calculates usage every half hour, every day. Customers pay weekly, which is partially how the wholesale prices are made available. There is no need to estimate a month’s worth of electricity usage and pay for an approximation.

Flick customers must have a smart meter already installed in their home. The company offers electricity without long-term contracts and publishes its fees on its website. Transparency is important to the business, and customers can sign up for standard or low user rates. Part of the live tracking of the price of electricity includes a price dial showing the current rate. With the new individual carbon calculator, customers can decide how much they are willing to spend before using any appliances. Additionally, for some daily humor, the app expresses the amount of carbon each action produces in equivalent goat emissions.

From beer brewing to hospitality, industries, businesses and individuals are all trying to reduce carbon emissions. The world’s largest brewer recently introduced its patent for brewing beer just below boiling temperature. That allows the company to reduce water consumption and carbon dioxide waste. The technology is available free of charge to small craft brewers. Large international companies that are direct competitors must pay for the technology. A dramatic new hotel under construction in Norway will combine high design and high sustainability. The hotel opens in 2021 and will be entirely sustainable and energy efficient. How else does increased transparency help citizens make more sustainable choices?




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