Innovation That Matters

Singalong Shuttle | Photo source Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Electric taxi uses singing as payment


A new shuttle service accepts singing as a form of payment to encourage festival goers to participate in a sustainable future.

Clean energy company Fortum made taxi journeys easier during Finland’s Ruisrock festival in July by swapping singing for journeys. The Singalong Shuttle uses singing as payment. The BMW i3 electric car keeps moving as long as passengers keep hitting those high notes. Each Singalong Shuttle car is equipped with a sound level meter that tracks the noise level of the singing during journeys. This helps keep momentum for the journey. The cars also have an interactive tablet so passengers can choose the songs they wish to sing along to and follow the lyrics. The company advertises the service as a similar experience to James Corden’s famous carpool karaoke with a sustainable cause at its centre.

Fortum’s aim was to engage its customers in a new and innovative way. The company wanted to highlight the simplicity and convenience of making cleaner choice such as using an electric vehicle. Fortum’s Charge and Drive electric car charger network is the largest one in the Nordics with over 2,000 charging stations.

Transport is constantly evolving as new innovations are debuted. As the world becomes more environmentally friendly and strives to be more sustainable, new technologies are emerging. In China, an electric vehicle startup has launched a range of SUVs that are embedded with smart technology. In an era when everyone is as equally conscious of their environmental impact as they are the latest technology, this combination will appeal to a wide audience. Elsewhere in the sector, one US company is using electric vehicles to boost its grocery delivery service. The all electric autonomous vehicles are tracked via an app. This enable consumers to find them to purchase the treats of their choice. How could you incorporate electric vehicles into your business operation?




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