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Interactive toys

Electronic blocks teach kids to program through play


Lego-compatible, six-sided blocks makes creating interactive toys, games and instruments easy and fun and does not require access to a screen.

Designed to help children learn how to program interactive games and toys, HoneyComb Kits contains three colors of hexagonal electronic blocks. Green blocks are for input and include a power supply block, blue blocks allow for conditions to be set and orange blocks manage the output of the commands. Currently raising funds on IndieGoGo, the company plans to begin shipment of the two kits (Basic and Queen) in mid-March 2018.

The blocks are compatible with Lego, meaning that once a user has grasped the tenets of operation, use is limited only by imagination. Each kit contains instructions for beginner projects, and advanced users can work with the accompanying online programming platform. The campaign will be on IndieGoGo through March 2018.

The skills and knowledge currently required in workplaces is vastly different from that needed decades ago, and the pace of change continues unabated. More STEM-educated professionals are needed worldwide, and educators are realizing that incorporating play helps make such subjects more accessible. Projects focusing on early learning include a DIY furniture kit for kids and a build-your-own energy kit that teaches about power and electricity. How could the idea for DIY electronic and coding kits be scaled for home appliance use?




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