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Free email digest will clear inboxes of spam

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Throttle is a browser plugin that generates a new email address every time the user signs up for something, and combines newsletters into a daily digest.

Most people’s inboxes are full of unopened emails they didn’t subscribe to and have no interest in. This can cause email fatigue, which in turn makes customers less receptive to newsletters and offers from companies they actually want to hear from. Offering a solution is Throttle from Mindsense — a browser plugin that enables users to generate a new email every time they purchase or sign up for something, and receive all of their marketing emails in one daily or weekly digest.


To begin, users install the plugin, which adds a button to all sign-up forms, enabling them to stop giving out their email address. Instead, Throttle generates a new email address for each subscription and collates them all into digests. Users can then organize their subscriptions into categories, such as shopping, culture or news and choose what time they would like to receive each run-down. The platform also makes it easier for users to spot when their email address has been sold to another company and easily cut them off by revoking access.

Throttle also has huge benefits for marketers — it guarantees 100 percent deliverability, prevents emails from ending up in subscribers’ junk folders, and since users choose their preferred delivery time, it ensures that interesting content won’t be left unread because it was received at a bad moment.

Throttle is available for free and works with Safari, Chrome, and Opera browsers. An app is currently in development, which will initially be available to Pro subscribers for USD 3.99 per month. How else could the email format be adapted to better suit consumers?



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