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Mask dispenser | Photo source Chris Karidis on Unsplash

Emergency device provides life-saving masks in case of fire

Nonprofit & Social Cause

A group of students designed a highly absorbent mask that could save vital seconds in emergency situations.

Springwise always values innovations with a view to helping others. We have covered a range of such projects in the past, from a startup which helps autistic workers find employment to an app helping women stay safe from assault. Technology that can also be used to help save people in emergency situations is naturally another means to use innovation to help people. This prototype developed by students could quite literally save lives.

A group of students from Kookmin University have pooled their skills to create this water mask dispenser. The main killer during fires is actually not the flames or heat themselves, but rather smoke inhalation. This means that a top piece of advice for people in danger from fire is to cover their mouth with a wet cloth. This reduces inhalation of smoke and other dangerous gases. Yet finding a damp cloth in an emergency situation can naturally prove difficult sometimes.

The students’ innovation seeks to help solve this problem. The door of the dispenser and the dry masks inside are connected, so when someone opens the door, the masks are quickly wetted. This creates an instant wet mask ready for use in one simple motion. The speed is a key quality of the innovation, as during emergencies, every second counts.

The group are currently perfecting their prototype. They are looking to place their innovation in public spaces in the future, such as in fire stations, government buildings, and schools.



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