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Emergency info on temporary tattoos

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Keeping track of little ones at home or school is hard enough, but a child wandering off at a crowded event or unfamiliar place can be a parent’s worst nightmare—especially for kids who are too young to remember their parents’ phone numbers. Tottoos offers an innovative solution for keeping clearly printed emergency information literally on hand for children while on trips and outings: temporary tattoos. Custom-made with high-quality, FDA-approved materials, Tottoos feature personalized text, such as “If I am lost, please call” or the name of an elementary school or other organization, plus an emergency contact phone number. They last 12 hours or longer (even up to a couple of days) if applied properly to clean, dry skin. Basic packages begin at USD 14.95 for 15 decals, and the tattoos can be purchased in bulk quantities for schools or other groups. Special Tottoos are also available to display important medical information, such as allergies or chronic conditions and what to do in case of emergency, making them useful for adults who might encounter dangerous situations while hiking, biking or enjoying other outdoor adventures. With safety on the minds of parents everywhere, this definitely could be one to start up in other regions or to enhance with special graphics and designs for greater kid appeal. (Related: Pace tattoos for runners.) Spotted by: Willem Bonneux



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