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Image tagging service pays users to connect with brands

Advertising & Marketing

Having enough cut-through to get brands noticed by the masses can be tough, which means it’s all the more important to make a brand clearly identifiable when it’s on show. Enter EmmaActive, an image tagging service that pays users to act as advertisers for brands and products. Registering as a member of the site is free and instantly enables users to begin tagging EmmaActive images. These images can be identified by glowing “EmmaActive” text in the bottom right hand corner which, when clicked, gives users the ability to tag the products displayed in the photo. These tags are visible to everyone, and they link through to a brand page where the product can be viewed and purchased. If the tagged brand is signed up to pay EmmaActive taggers, members will then receive monetary rewards from the brand every time their tags are clicked — as will the website that hosts the image. In an effort to maintain a level of quality control, subscribed brands can also manage and view their tags, and report and ban users who continue to tag erroneously. As sellsumers break down traditional distinctions between brands and consumers, the EmmaActive model offers benefits to everyone involved. There is plenty more room to innovate in this space, allowing consumers to make some money while generating real benefits for your brand. (Related: Pay to digitize a book, share in its future sales.)



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