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An entirely crowdsourced song

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CrowdSound taps into popular opinion by letting users vote on notes and lyrics to create an entirely crowdsourced song.

In the entrepreneur sphere we often see the creativity of the masses trumping the work of one lone genius. We recently saw a startup using crowdsourcing from idea generation to fine-tuning the product details. CrowdSound is using the model to create a musical masterpiece.

Users can listen to how the song currently sounds on a piano-based track, then vote on the notes they believe follow best. When a certain number of votes is reached, the note with the most votes is selected and deliberation begins for the next note. There are some restrictions — the melody is based on a preset chord progression to keep things anchored, and certain notes are held back for use in specific sections. When the track is completed, voting will open for lyrics, crowdsourcing each word one-by-one. Artists will then be able to send in their own versions of the finished song.


The track already sounds like a decent pop song. What other popular opinion driven projects can benefit from crowdsourcing?



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