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iPhone app turns your to-do list into a game

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The traditional to-do list may be a necessity for making sure things get done, but it’s also a dreary task master to be ruled by day after day. Aiming to “put the adventure back into your life,” EpicWin is an iPhone app that converts that stern list into a mobile game in which each completed task advances the player in an ongoing quest to level up, gain riches and develop skills. Users of EpicWin, which was created by UK-based Rexbox and SuperMono, begin by downloading the USD 2.99 game from the App Store and then adding their tasks using the fully featured to-do list, including a necessary completion date or just that they should be done “some day.” Repeating tasks are supported as well. Players also choose an avatar for their character and assign a particular associated skill to each chore. Then, as chores are completed over the course of the day, the character develops skills and moves ahead on the quest map, with rewards each time they level up. Every new location also uncovers rare items that can be collected. Tasks that become overdue, meanwhile, are shown on opening the app. As the game progresses, players can share their progress via Facebook and Twitter. A pre-release video on YouTube demonstrates EpicWin in action. It’s hard to imagine a version for Android won’t be next on EpicWin’s own to-do list. Meanwhile, other tech-minded entrepreneurs: what other dreary aspects of life can be made fun and rewarding through mobile gaming…? (Related: App rewards shoppers for setting foot in storesWith social media check-ins, guests earn hotel & travel rewardsA donation to charity for each hour wasted onlineFitness device coaxes users into actionWrist device rewards kids for exercisingLearning site motivates kids with real rewards.) Spotted by: Sarah Anne Jackson



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