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Wine maker uses grape extracts in new cosmetics line

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It’s always inspiring to see a company expand in ways that reflect both sustainability and good synergy, and Spanish winemaker Group Matarromera recently did just that. With a history that includes more than 20 years of producing award-winning wines, the company has now launched a cosmetics line that makes use of the antioxidant-rich grape skins that are left over by the wine-making process. Launched this past summer, Matarromera’s Esdor cosmetics brand taps into the powerful polyphenols so abundant in the skins of red grapes. Using a patented process, the company extracts those antioxidant-rich compounds — it calls the result Eminol — and blends them with other natural ingredients to create its nourishing cream, moisturizer cream and eye contour products. Esdor cosmetics are all made with 85 percent natural compounds, including 7.5 percent Eminol and other ingredients including musk oil, caviar extract, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil; no parabens, mineral oils or artificial colors are included. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkling and improved skin elasticity are all among the properties the company claims for the Esdor line as a result of its antioxidant ingredients. Adding further to Esdor’s eco-creds, meanwhile, is that its main office — surrounded by vineyards in the heart of Spain’s Douro region — is a 100 percent sustainable building that generates more energy than it consumes. Esdor cosmetics are available both online and at select Spanish retailers. One to help bring to your part of the world…? (Related: Juice mimics the benefits of red wine.) Spotted by Leticia Pérez Prieto



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