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Garden fertilizer based on recycled coffee grounds

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It’s no secret that used coffee grounds make good garden fertilizer — Starbucks, for example, has been giving them away for years with that purpose in mind — but it was only recently that we came across a commercial fertilizer that’s explicitly based on the nitrogen-rich stuff. Gearing up for a launch this spring, Australian Espressogrow is a sustainable fertilizer product that uses 100 percent waste coffee grounds mixed with a proprietary blend of organic nutrients. In addition to supplying nitrogen, coffee grounds also act as a deterrent to garden pests and slugs, Espressogrow notes. With a debut planned for April or May, Espressogrow seeks Australian Capital Territory or Sydney-area suppliers from which it can buy used coffee grounds; other metropolitan areas will be included in the next few months, it says. How could your brand turn garbage into gold similarly…? (Related: Compost service for businesses, with collection via pedal powerGrow-your-own mushroom kit uses recycled coffee groundsCompost service for businesses sells the soil it createsGarbage into gold, via worm poop.) Spotted by: Matt Davidson



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