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Storage robotics

In Estonia, robotic storage tower puts an end to undelivered parcels


Launch of a robotic storage unit, which aims to rival Amazon Lockers.

We have seen many startups hoping to solve the issues surrounding receiving a parcel delivery when no one is home. From a smart alarm that scares of porch pirates to e-commerce collection at metro stations, innovative companies are finding ways to prevent the much dreaded trip to the local depot. But for items needing secure storage, PackRobot by Cleveron has an answer.

The robotic storage tower can be activated by QR codes. Messengers unlock the storage unit, scan the parcel’s unique code before depositing it into the machine, and a robotic arm will store it in a designated place within it. PackRobot measures the parcel, and adjusts its internal shelves autonomously to accommodate the size of the goods. Customers receive a notification when their parcel has been dropped off, and summons their delivery from within the storage unit by scanning a code from their smartphones and smart watches.

Though Amazon Lockers provide a similar solution, PackRobot offers an answer for packages needing more space and a bit of special care. The company has recently installed units in their home country of Estonia, where ten pilot units will be placed for beta testers. Of course, the convenience of PackRobot will depend on the spread of its installments, but scanning a code to retrieve a delivery will still be preferable to lining up at the post office.

Is this a model local post offices can learn from?



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