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Ethical beauty brand introduces blend-it-yourself

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NYC-based skin and haircare company uses only organic, food-grade superfood ingredients in its personalized products.

New York City-based LOLI Beauty is expanding from subscription boxes to introduce its new blend-it-yourself (BIY) approach to skin and hair care. Blend it yourself beauty products start with a base to either cleanse, hydrate or treat and then can be personalized with up to three additional ingredients. Every product is made from organic, food-grade superfood ingredients and comes in fully recycled, recyclable and compostable packaging.

LOLI stands for Living Organic Loving Ingredients, and the company does just that. It works with fair trade farms and locals who forage for ingredients and is the first beauty brand to be a member of the Made In A Free World campaign to stop human trafficking. A full list of ingredients is available on the company website, and there are no added chemicals or water. Each individual mix contains a short, easy-to-understand list of the raw ingredients contained within.

Taking care of the environment is now an essential aspect of day-to-day living, and products ranging from food waste to cleaning products can be part of the solution. What would help make higher-end ethical products more affordable and easier to access?



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