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Ethical Uber launches in New York City

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US based lift sharing company, Juno, threatens Uber by luring drivers with the promise of a fairer share of profits.

In the past few years, Springwise has covered more than one ethical alternative to ride hailing giant, Uber. This ethical ridesharing app was set up after both Uber and Lyft were banned in the city, and this lift-sharing company, owned by its users and run on token. Currently in Beta, Juno is the latest ethical alternative to Uber.

Operating in New York since May 2016, the startup promises to take a smaller cut of each fare€” for at least the first two years of operation, 10% compared with Uber’s 20 – 25%€”. Perhaps more significantly though, the company plans to reserve 1 billion of its founding shares for loyal drivers. Founder Talmon Marco explains his inspiration was Uber’s ill treatment of its drivers: “Juno treats drivers better. Drivers treat riders better. Happy drivers, happy riders.” The app itself has many similar features to Uber: miniature cars roaming across a city map; estimated waiting times; and information about your driver and car. Indeed, according to The Verge, the startup is trying to poach as many highly rated Uber drivers before it launches in New York City.

Will this ethical competition threaten other gig economy giants in the future?


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