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Consumers' event intents matched with party professionals

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A one-stop-shop for those planning an event or party, EventNow connects consumers with pre-screened event vendors who compete for their business. After registering with EventNow, consumers submit a form outlining their event requirements and budget. Within hours, they’re contacted via email or phone by up to five event service providers that can fulfill their requests. Users can then browse those vendors’ portfolio galleries, customer reviews and ratings. The service is free for consumers, and vendors pay a lead fee for each customer match. EventNow offers over 350 categories of event services ranging from caterers and equipment hire to ice sculptures and butterfly releases. EventNow is another shining example of the intention economy at work: buyers stating a purchasing intention, and sellers competing for their business. The service affords event vendors laser-focused access to their target audience in purchasing mode, and offers event-planning consumers a more convenient and efficient marketplace. The New York-based startup launched in April with more than 445,000 vendors in its directory and plans to reach 1 million vendors by the end of the year. Time to start up something similar, or partner with EventNow to set up international versions? (Related: Ponoko ID lets shoppers and designers collaborateBank helps clients buy homes that aren’t for saleShipping marketplace capitalizes on intentions.) Spotted by:  Cecilia Biemann



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