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Startup offers free weddings for couples who stay together

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SwanLuv couples receive funds towards their wedding, paid for by those who divorce.

We’re seeing an abundance of Tinder-esque, fast-paced dating apps designed for socially busy millennials, going hand in hand with the increasingly antiquated idea of marriage. Countering this movement, SwanLuv is granting to-be-married couples USD 10,000 for their fairytale wedding, with no obligations but one — they must stay married, for like, forever. (Or the spell will be broken.)

Couples set to be married in the next 24 months are eligible to receive this wedding fund. Online applications are free, with couples undergoing a background check to determine ‘suitability’ (i.e. how likely they are to stay together) based on their social media history. However, as SwanLuv believes everlasting marriage deserves to be rewarded, if a couple should become divorced, they will be liable for the entire funds, plus interest accrued (the details of which are yet to be provided).

SwanLuv is scheduled for launch in February 2016. Will the threat of interest encourage everlasting marriage, or could startups find more business with a scheme to cover the costs of divorce?



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