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Intermediary links advertisers to consumers selling ad space

Advertising & Marketing

As the internet shifts communication from one-to-many to many-to-many, traditional advertising channels don’t pack the punch they once did. Providing a new solution for a new media landscape is Everyday Models, which invites anyone to get paid to rent out aspects of their daily life to advertisers: whether it’s their clothes, car, house or online profile. There’s no approval process to be listed with Everyday Models: anyone can register in thirty seconds, helping the service attract its all-important army of advertising space. Once logged in, users list their vital stats and add headshots to their profile. Potential advertisers then use the system’s search feature to pick out those with the desired attributes for a particular campaign. Although the service stands out for offering human advertising in everyday situations, its community can also be hired for more traditional activities such as runway modelling. British student James Brookner developed the idea with photographer Matt Garcia. It’s not the first time advertising has become this personal—Brookner and Garcia took their inspiration from someone who turned his forehead into premium ad space, with Jason of I Wear Your Shirt capturing media attention more recently. However, by becoming an intermediary—brokering human ad space rather than offering it themselves—Everyday Models is offering something new and something potentially powerful. Those of you who have read’s latest briefing will no doubt recognize that Everyday Models has jumped into the sellsumers arena, where ordinary consumers are finding innovative ways to bring in some extra cash. Spotted by: Jenna Ward



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