Innovation That Matters

Original art, priced for all


Back in October we covered nAscent Art, which aims to bring original art into the realm of affordability for gift-giving purposes. Another effort that’s similar in spirit is Eye Buy Art, a newly launched Canadian firm that seeks to make art less intimidating and more affordable for everyday consumers. Eye Buy Art is a carefully curated online art gallery that represents an array of emerging photographers from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. The site releases a new image every week, each from an artist among those deemed important by a high profile jury of professionals in the field. Limited edition photographs of the works represented are offered for sale through Eye Buy Art at prices starting at USD 25 for an 8-by-10 print; consumers who have signed up for the site’s newsletter get first crack at them before they go public. Artists earn 50 percent from each sale; in addition, Eye Buy Art donates 10 percent to the Flash Forward Festival, its sister organization focusing on promoting the future of photography. All prints come with an edition card signifying the work’s authenticity. The site explains: “We think art is for everyone and we aim to make buying art easy, friendly, and affordable. Our name reflects our navigation – look, buy, and learn about art – and we hope to inspire new and existing collectors to buy art from these enthusiastic young artists at a pivotal time in their career.” There are, of course, other like-minded sites out there—most notable, perhaps, is Jen Bekman’s 20×200—but it’s a growing field, and one that could do with a few more international or niche players. Care to be one of them…?



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