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Face-tracking VR headsets create expressive avatars

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Veeso's virtual reality headset features infrared cameras that track the eyes and mouth, creating expressive in-game avatars.

We continue to see new applications of virtual reality, and recently, headsets have been used for virtual musical instrument lessons and remote shopping through eye movement. Targeting the social aspects of VR, Veeso have developed a solution to the gaming avatars’ lack of facial expressions.


The team analyzed video of users interacting with VR headsets to pinpoint expressive areas of the eyes, eyebrows and jawlines. This led to the development of software that map facial movements onto virtual avatars in real-time. Veeso then placed the software into a headset that features two inbuilt infrared cameras for capturing eye, mouth and jaw movement. Bluetooth enables the headsets to connect to smart devices for high-level interactive VR. As well as enhanced social VR experiences, Veeso’s headset could let users project their facial expressions onto video game characters. The headset is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with an estimated delivery set for the end of this year.

Could online platforms use the headsets to create more emotive customer service?



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