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Facial recognition app | Photo source Gades Photography on Unsplash

Facial recognition app helps people remember faces at events

A nifty app could save many users awkward embarrassments at large events and gatherings

Spotted: Springwise is always keen to follow technological developments that can help those facing difficulties in societies. This can come in the form of robotics, such as this social robot that helps children with autism, or another designed to help keep the elderly company. Yet robots are not the only form of technology used to help those who need it. Apps are a regular part of everyday life. This latest invention uses facial recognition technology to help those who struggle in social situations.

At large events, it can be difficult to remember every individual’s name and face. The team behind Social Recall are aiming to solve this with their new event app. The software uses facial recognition technology to connect names with faces using smartphone cameras. This could potentially eliminate the need for formal introductions or conversely, awkward faux pas. The functionality is simple: event organisers send invites to attendees, a prospective user takes two selfies, and then signs in via social media. The app then activates within a previously defined geographical area at a specific time. When a user points their camera at a face, the app can identify the individual and display their name and social media profile. To protect privacy, it recognises only those who have consented to participate and data automatically wipes after events.

Despite these measures, there have been concerns raised with the amount of data users must share with the app. Furthermore, there are potential issues with consent on photos and images being shared amongst strangers.




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