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Facial recognition gauges tourists’ holiday interests

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The Hawaii Tourism Authority is testing facial recognition technology in its Discover Your Aloha video to gauge visitors’ interest in different activities.

Running over the duration of a year, the Hawaii Tourism Authority‘s experimental Discover Your Aloha video is designed to show potential visitors as many different types of holiday activity as possible. Hawaii’s landscape is diverse, and the available adventures are just as varied. From serene spots for yoga to waterfall-fed swimming pools, jungle treks and skydiving, there is something for everyone. The video uses facial clues, plus visitors’ answers to a number of follow-up questions, to recommend an itinerary.

The video is on an microsite, and many viewers will have to use a desktop computer to interact with the technology. Privacy is a key concern around the use of facial recognition. Apple, for example, prevents it from being used on its phones. In Japan, privacy glasses can be worn to thwart the technology. For those less worried about the privacy aspect, facial recognition is increasingly available, from dating apps to connected home systems.

How might citizens be able to opt in or out of fully connected, facial recognizing cities?



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