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Family board game includes free airline ticket

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A new board game, designed by an American low-cost carrier, sold out within minutes of its release in December.

A special promotion by the United States’ JetBlue airline sold out within minutes, causing the company to restock for a second round of sales. Called Get Packing!, the board game is a race to get ready to travel and comes with the ultimate prize of a free round-trip ticket. Designed for three to six people, players roll the dice to move around the board, picking up essential items for their trip along the way. Wild cards allow people to steal from each other, and the first person to be fully packed wins.

The speed with which the first offering sold out caused some consternation, among potential buyers as well as airline staff. Some members of the public received confusing messages that made it unclear whether or not a sale had gone through via Amazon. The airline said that it was investigating each sale to ensure that the game was bought by people, not bots. The free flight is open to U.S. residents only and must be taken by the end of 2018. There are also some restrictions, including times of year when it cannot be used.

So many flights are taken each year globally that airline passengers are potentially very valuable audiences for brands. How a business catches peoples’ attention varies, with campaigns and projects ranging from a free luggage wrapping service that includes a marketing message to in-flight theatre performances on transatlantic flights. What type of innovation would help link smart accessories with bespoke in-air experiences to give flying, even in coach class, a more luxurious feel?




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