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Family dinners, 24 at a time

Food & Drink

Meal preparation services like Dream Dinners take the hassle out cooking healthy and delicious dinners. They do the shopping and cleaning, consumers do the cooking (up to 24 dinners at a time) in professional cooking studios.

When it comes to dinner, consumers want it all: active, individual lifestyles AND sit-down family dinners, preferably combined with convenience AND authenticity. Which means the food and beverage world is forever coming up with innovative, wholesome yet effortless ways to feed busy singles and families; from healthy ready-to-heat meals to online grocers such as FreshDirect. Now, add to this equation services like Dream Dinners, Dinner Helpers and Let’s Dish. How it works: the Dream Dinners of this world eliminate the hassle of planning and preparing meals, by facilitating cooking sessions in professional kitchens where customers assemble 12 to 24 healthy family meals and then take the entrées home in coolers, boxes or laundry hampers to freeze/store/cook and eat. The service cleverly takes care of time-consuming activities like grocery shopping, chopping and dicing, and cleaning up. Dream Dinners charges USD 200 per 12-meal session for 4-6 people, or 24 meals for 2-3 people, while Dinner Helpers charges USD 179 for 12 meals. An entirely new way of preparing a family’s monthly food-supply, and one that would go down well with busy households in Europe, Asia-Pacific and anywhere else where time is the new currency!


Dream Dinners, with 49 stores in 14 US-states, and another 18 stores coming soon, is the leading company in this field. The business is actively looking for franchisees, who pay USD 30,000 and 6% monthly royalty plus 2% advertising royalty, both based on gross monthly sales. In return, franchisees receive full training, kitchen set-up, a grand opening event, operational manuals, a listing on the Dream Dinners’ corporate website, menus, recipes, labels etc, etc. However, the concept is pretty clean-cut, so competition is heating up. And if we were a supermarket chain, a whole food supplier or a fast moving consumer goods giant, we know who we would like to partner with, if not devour straight away!


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