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In multiple products, the use of Sweeterra reduced sugar content and calories | Photo source Karlis Dambrans on Unsplash

Farm waste upcycled into healthy sweeteners and supplements

Food & Drink

Closed loop agriculture reduces pollution and increases farming sustainability.

Canadian food technology company Comet Bio turns farm waste into sustainably produced sweeteners and nutritional supplements. Using proprietary, two-step conversion technology, the company works with farmers to upcycle leaves and stalks leftover from traditional harvests into a variety of biomaterials. The products are used by the food and beverage and animal nutrition markets with considerable potential for additional uses and applications.

Comet Bio’s sweeteners, Sweeterra 95DE and Sweeterra 63DE, both recently passed independent assessments comparing them to traditional products in nutrition, shelf stability and taste. A variety of products were tested, including baked goods, sports drinks and sweets. In multiple items, the use of Sweeterra reduced sugar content and calories while increasing dietary fibre.

Comet Bio’s technology is accessible to owners of farms of any size. Off-the-shelf equipment is modular and easy to install close to the source of the bio materials. Once installed, the facilities have a low operating cost, helping keep the technology cost competitive at any scale. The company is currently seeking commercial opportunities to expand use of its technologies.



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