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Fashion company's cruelty-free fur only uses roadkill


Petite Mort Fur is a fashion company offering only the fur of animals that died naturally or accidentally.

While materials such as leather and suede are often considered a byproduct of the meat industry, fur is altogether a much more touchy topic. Many people oppose real fur because it involves trapping and killing wildlife for the sole pursuit of fashion. We recently wrote about Marlow Goods' pop-up hotel shop, which takes the meat byproducts from the hotel's restaurant and turns them into fashion to save waste. Now Petite Mort Fur is tackling the animal cruelty aspect, offering only the fur of animals that died naturally or accidentally.

Rather than supporting the fur industry, the company procures its material from sources that can verify the animal died either of natural causes or in an accident, such as a road collision. Obviously, this kind of fur is hard to come by, and prices for each piece range from USD 380 to USD 1,000. The items available include scarves, muffs and leg warmers, and each piece is hand made and individually numbered. Customers can also tailor the cut. Petite Mort Fur gives a percentage of its profits to the New England Wildlife Critical Paths project to help keep living animals such as moose safe from road crossings.

The video below acts as a promo for the company:

If it works for fashion, could this idea be feasible as the basis for a restaurant or food brand?



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