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Slow fashion | Photo source Pixabay

Fashion label shows sustainability infographics on packaging


Fashion brand educates consumers about sustainability through their packaging.

Anyone who has set foot in a Whole Foods would have seen food and beverage products being packaged with information on the origin of its products, but educating consumers about sustainability has been slow to enter the world of high fashion, perhaps due to the stigma often associated with “eco-fashion.” But clothing brand Zady is changing that with the packaging of their latest line of essentials.

Zady makes every effort to keep consumers informed of the materials they choose to wear. The founders marry a background in business with a belief in understanding the craftsmanship of clothing, and what impact modern clothing practices can have on people and the environment. Visitors to their website are offered the opportunity to learn about the history, farming practices, and manufacturing processes behind the clothes. And though many sustainable fashion brands like Everlane have similar, informative ecommerce sites, the adaptation of this manufacturing infographic data onto their newest packaging is refreshing.

Zady is offering consumers quality clothing while adding value to their products with provided sustainability information. How else could companies seamlessly communicate valuable brand ethos to their consumers?

Update: Zady is no longer in business.



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