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Fashion mini-bar in Belgian hotel rooms

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In rooms at Antwerp hotel, Mini Fashion Bar stocks items from Pimkie's latest collection, which visitors can pay for upon check-out.

Hotel mini-bars are full of tempting treats — snacks and nightcaps whose accessibility makes them irresistible. Now, fashion brand Pimkie has adopted the on-hand format to sell their latest collection of clothing and accessories. Pimkie recently launched the first Mini Fashion Bar at the Banks Boutique Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium, in association with Happiness Brussels.

Aimed at forgetful fashionistas, the tiny ‘store’ stocks various items from the Pimkie collection — including a raincoat, comfortable shoes and sunglasses — curated to suit the location and current weather. The Mini Fashion Bar is integrated into the hotel room’s closet, enabling visitors to browse the garments, leisurely try things on and even request other sizes from the hotel concierge. All items can be worn immediately and paid for upon check-out.

There are plans for further Mini Fashion Bars in hotels in Milan, Barcelona, Berlin and Paris. What other consumer items could brands make available in hotel rooms?




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