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For fashionistas, sunglasses for short-term rent

Fashion & Beauty

Renting can be a more compelling option than buying during tough economic times, particularly in the world of high fashion, where ever-shifting styles encourage frequent — and expensive — change. We’ve already seen companies offer up designer clothes, handbags and gowns for short-term rent, and now — thanks to French La Fabrique de Lunettes — we can add sunglasses to the list as well. Parisian La Fabrique de Lunettes offers all the services one would expect of an optician, including a rehab service through which it will repair, adjust or give a facelift to an old pair of glasses. Even more interesting, though, is the store’s rental service, through which consumers can choose from among 60 models of sunglasses from leading fashion designers including Marc Jacobs, Andy Wolf, Tom Ford, Chloe, Emmanuelle Khanh and Prada. A three-month rental subscription costs EUR 20 per month, and consumers can swap styles as often as they like during that time. Six- and 12-month subscriptions are also available, as are shorter-term options including a single night, weekend or week. Why buy when you can rent? That sums up today’s transumers in a nutshell. Where could you bring a new rental option to the marketplace, giving ownership-averse consumers the freedom they crave? Spotted by: Irene Festa



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