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Five concepts combining fashion and technology

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Fashion is all about the new, so it’s no surprise the clothing industry is a hotbed of innovation, as can be seen from the new ideas in our Fashion & Beauty database. And the fashionistas are no slouches when it comes to making use of new technology. Here are five examples of what happens when geek meets chic: 1. FITS.ME — Many consumers are discouraged from shopping for clothes online because they can’t try before they buy. And those consumers who do take the plunge will often pick the wrong fit—meaning online clothes retailers suffer a high rate of returns. The techies at Estonian startup believe they have the solution in the form of a shape-shifting robotic mannequin that replicates thousands of different body shapes. On clothes retail sites that feature a “virtual fitting room”, consumers follow an interactive guide to enter their personal dimensions. They’re then shown how the shirt they’re dreaming of would really look on a body just like theirs. 2. LEVI’S CURVE ID — In another use of technology to get just the right fit, jeans maker Levi’s has teamed up with Korea’s i-Fashion Technology Center to promote Levi’s new Curve ID line, which are made in three fits inspired by research into body shape, rather than just size. At a pop-up store in Seoul (pictures here), customers were given a free 3D body scan and a report about their body shape, with—of course—recommendations for which Curve ID fit would suit them best. The measurements were then used to create an onscreen avatar of the shopper, which could quickly and conveniently model combinations of clothes on sale in the store. 3. DIESEL CAM — In-store tech initiatives can even feature real people wearing real clothes. Diesel stores in Spain are introducing touchscreen workstations in dressing rooms that let customers take (Diesel-branded) photos of themselves and instantly upload them to Facebook. It means the wearers can get real-time feedback and comments about their outfit from friends. Or just show off. 4. FITS — Fits is an iPhone app that’s ostensibly designed to help people buy the right size bras for their girlfriends, but it’s likely to appeal also to a somewhat less romantic crowd. With a frontal photo (or better still, a frontal and profile) of the lucky lady, the user manipulates a silhouette to match her outline, manoeuvres a sample bra image into the correct position, and finally keys in her height. The app will now estimate the subject’s bra measurements. 5. IFROCKUP — Another fashion-related iPhone app, iFrockUp lets people get input from friends when deciding on the right look for a big event such as a ball or prom. Users set a deadline and upload pictures and details about possible dresses, shoes, hairstyles and accessories. The information can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, allowing contacts to vote on each item and help identify the perfect outfit. Spotted by John Greene, Natalie Lee, Maria Dahl Jørgensen, Nitzan, and Mandy Stevens

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