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Fauxshow: tuning into a personalized radio tribute

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Launched in November 2008 by two British radio presenters, Fauxshow creates personalized radio shows that put a recipient in the spotlight. Designed as an unusual gift experience, Fauxshows are most frequently produced for weddings and birthdays, although any request will be catered to. Customers pick a recipient’s favourite music tracks and submit anecdotes for the presenters to read out in the show. Arrangements are then made for friends and family to call in to Fauxshow and record messages about or for the recipient. Jingles and effects are added in the final stage of recording to make the show sound as authentic as possible. Around three weeks after ordering, the show arrives on CD, ready to surprise and delight. Fauxshow is still a tiny start-up, and the presenters welcome calls from customers to discuss ideas. Pricing is GBP 200 for a 5-song, 5-message show, or GBP 250 for 8 songs and 8 messages. Other options are available on request. There’s no stopping the personalization avalanche! And as Fauxshow demonstrates, you don’t have to be a major player to get in on the game. (Related: Customized love songs.) Spotted by: Jonathan Fletcher



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