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Female shoppers matched up with dates when they buy a pair of shoes

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Shoe Dating from Malaysian retailer Shoes Shoes Shoes connects women purchasing footwear with men offering to pay a portion of the price in return for a date.

We have already seen matchmaking services linking potential partners based on consumer choices when we covered Asda Dating, linking users with similar shopping lists. Now Shoe Dating aims to offer female customers dates as well as discounts on a pair of shoes. The promotion is being launched by Malaysian retailer Shoes Shoes Shoes in collaboration with dating site Lunch Actually and women’s radio station Capital FM. Men signed up to Lunch Actually are encouraged to select from a list of 20 shoe makes they would like their potential partner to wear. They also pick a percentage of the sale price they are willing to pay in return for a date, from 10 percent or more. When women purchase footwear from Shoes Shoes Shoes, they are matched with the men who selected their chosen pair and receive the promised discount after the first date. The shoe retailer has apparently already received success stories from the promotion, and has certainly added extra excitement to the shopping process. One to emulate in your part of the world? Spotted by: Daniel Comar



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