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Finding a job in France via emoticons

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For 24 hours in September 2016, La Banque Postale sent a list of opportunities to jobseekers who tweeted three emoticons describing their job search criteria.

La Banque Postale’s #MonTalentPour1Job campaign asked jobseekers to indicate in their tweets, using emoticons, their basic job criteria – what part of the country they want to work in, their level of education and what area of work they are interested in. The bank then replied with a list of available opportunities that fit those criteria.

Designed specifically to connect with millenials who grew up with social media, the campaign was created to help make finding a first job easier. Many large companies and governments are finding social media and apps to be an excellent tool for direct communication with customers and audiences. In Jordan, an app allows undecided voters to ask parliamentarian candidates policy questions. In China, luxury goods are sold via social media.

How could social media use be adapted to give less connected communities similar opportunities?



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