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City transportation | Photo source Yolanda Sun on Unsplash

Finnish startup offers app-based access to all forms of transportation

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The Whim app provides access to all forms of city transportation, including public transport, taxis, rental cars and bikes

Spotted: A Finnish-based startup has created an app that coordinates all forms of city transportation into a single platform, potentially providing a single solution for all transportation needs. The Whim app eliminates the need for different passes and tickets. Instead of juggling each service’s payment service, users opt for different subscriptions.

The goal is to simplify travel and to make commutes “eco trips not ego trips”, according to Whim founder Sampo Hietanen. More access to alternative forms of transportation means “less traffic, less pollution, less stressful journeys,” Hietanen said.

Whim offers a variety of payment options, including pay-as-you go and monthly subscription fees. It is currently available in the West Midlands and Helsinki. It is expanding to Belgium this year.




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