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Fitbit for kayakers is a personal coach

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Motionize is an app that uses wearable sensors to track kayakers’ performance and provide personalized coaching tips in real-time.

We’ve seen wearables that track individual fitness levels for a variety of exercises, and now kayakers can access the same level of feedback thanks to the Motionize app.

Using a kayak-mounted smartphone (in a waterproof case) and a Bluetooth-activated gyroscopic sensor that is fixed on the paddle, Motionize assesses the kayaker’s ability and offers personalized feedback and coaching tips in real-time. Users can access detailed data on their paddle stroke’s length, technique and power output, all of which are shareable on social media so learners can boast about their progress. The Motionize sensors are available for USD 499 and can also sync directly with business partner Garmin’s smart watches.

How else can wearables and devices be adapted for personal performance tracking?



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