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Fitness devices can recognize and track multiple exercises

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Atlas Wristband and SmartSpot mirror could take fitness tracking to the next level by recognizing and tracking multiple exercises.

There are already countless devices which aim to enhance people’s fitness routines. Systems such as Gymtrack and Fitstar are just two such examples to have recently graced our pages. Now, two new products — the Atlas Wristband and the SmartSpot smart mirror — take it to the next level by recognizing multiple different exercises, offering tracking and feedback accordingly.

The Atlas Wristband is a fitness tracker which uses aircraft grade sensors to differentiate between over a dozen different exercises such as bicep curls, pulls ups and jumping jacks. The user wears the device on their wrist and it monitors motions through three dimensions. The wearable is water resistant, so it can be used in and out of water and its learning algorithms can even identify differences between similar exercises — such as backstroke and front crawl. Atlas recently completed a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and is expecting to deliver the first batch of product later this year. The company is adding new exercises to the repertoire every day and promotional material shows users what they can expect, although the system is still being developed.


Smartspot, meanwhile, offers similar tools to weightlifters — it is a smart mirror which can differentiate between eleven of the most popular weight exercises, tracks the users performance and offers feedback and motivation. The mirror can be installed in any gym that has internet access and requires only a minimum of five feet of operating space between the machine and the user. The mirror displays counts and analytics in real time, enabling the user to perform to their best, adjusting angles and rest times to push themselves and make sure they are performing safely.


What other features could fitness wearables develop to make them stand out from the crowd?



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