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Fitness tracker

Fitness tracker is a wearable ring and smart assistant

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A new fitness tracker and sleep monitoring wearable can help locate users' phones and connects with Amazon's Alexa for smart assistant functionalities.

A new wearable from Motiv aims to make fitness tracking as seamless as possible. The Motiv ring can be worn at all times, automatically syncs via bluetooth with iPhones and Android devices, and now even works with Alexa.

Motiv designed a ring wearable with a focus on functionality. The Motiv ring uses optics to monitor heart rate, like many other wearables. However, arm hair and tattoos have proved to be an issue with optical monitoring for bands and smart watches in the past. This tends to be less of an issue on fingers. Innovative engineering features include a flexible circuit board, curved battery and a comfortable but durable titanium casing. As well as monitoring heart rate, the ring also measures sleep cycles. Recent software updates have resulted in a slew of additional features. The ring can tell when a user is actively exercising, rather than the user having to select a function, and can also tell when a user falls asleep.

The main upgrade however involves the integration with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant system. This enables users to ask Alexa for insights into their workout routines as well as nutritional recommendations. All users have to do to compare different days of the week is ask Alexa to pull up the data. The ring can also be used to help users locate their iPhones. Users can also now share their fitness, heart rate and sleep data with family and friends. Motiv is available for USD 199 in the US for apple and Android devices.

The Motiv ring follows the trend of smaller or more subtle wearables. Recent examples include smart heart monitoring clothing and even biosensitive tattoos. Are there other ways wearable technology can become smaller and useful?



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