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Fitness wearable informs personalized diets

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STYR's fitness wearable, app and wireless scales gather health data to suggest personalized supplementary regimes.

We’ve seen a range of innovative fitness trackers that help users understand their fitness levels, such as this wearable that analyzes sweat chemistry, and now a new offering can assist users in crafting a unique supplementary diet.

STYR Labs uses a big data approach to gather information on supplements, see how they affect aerobic exercise performances, and enable users to build personalized routines and regimens. Made up of a wearable, an app and wireless Bluetooth scales, the STYR kit monitors users’ fat content, water retention and dietary preferences, suggesting which multivitamin or protein supplements are right for them. Users can then purchase STYR’s supplements — single-serve water-dissolvable pouches — via the app, which also contains detailed information about the role they play in health and recovery. STYR starter packs are available for USD 68.

Could a STYR-style fitness app enable users to chat to a virtual trainer about their regime and diet in natural language?



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