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Fitness wearable automatically measures calorie intake

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GoBe2 wearable automatically measures calorie intake by detecting cell glucose levels, enabling users to visualise how their body processes their diet without having to upload calories themselves.

We’ve seen previously how fitness wearables can track users’ unique stats by being in contact with the skin, such as this hydration monitor that uses light to measure blood water levels, and now there’s a tracker that claims to measure calorie intake.

GoBe2, from Healbe, is worn on the wrist and measures blood glucose levels by passing a harmless electrical pulse through the skin. This information is fed into an app whenever the device is synced with a smartphone, with users logging when they began eating a meal (by pressing a side-button on the device) and inputting whether it was a small or large meal. Combining this data with the other information GoBe2 gathers, such as activity levels, emotional state and sleep cycles, users can explore how their calorie intake fluctuates with respect to their lifestyle, so that they can make adjustments accordingly. GoBe2 is available for pre-order at USD 149 with an open API for developers.

GoBe2 removes a common obstacle to the success of fitness trackers — users having to input the data themselves. What other areas could benefit from removing tedious data input?

Update: as of July 2018, GoBE2 tracks calorie intake fully automatically with no need to press the button.




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