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Niche bottle photography, now in Germany

Advertising & Marketing

Springwise is all about spreading smart new business ideas, so we’re always thrilled to hear from readers who have launched a concept that was inspired by something they spotted here. Like Flashchenfotos—which is German for bottle photos and was recently launched in Munich. Similar to We Shoot Bottles, Flaschenfotos takes pictures of bottles for beverage manufacturers and retailers: high resolution images of bottles against a white background, retouched so that they’re ready for use online and in print. Exactly the type of product image that works well for online retail, and that most bloggers and journalists hope to find on a company’s website. (Just a gentle hint 😉 Flaschenfotos operates a simple pricing scheme, with an automatic 10% discount for organic and fair trade products. The venture was created by Moritz Wurfbaum and Catharina van Delden of open innovation consultancy innosabi and photographer Veronika Wurfbaum. While We Shoot Bottles—which is based in the UK—works for international clients, it makes sense to set up services like this locally. It reduces shipping costs, and communication is easier if all parties are in the same time zone and speak the same language. So, keep spreading those good ideas! Just be sure to respect patents and other types of intellectual property.



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