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Flat pack home for emergency shelter

Property & Construction

Designed by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis, this emergency shelter provides natural light and collects rainwater.

Modular building and connectivity are helping improve community responses to health emergencies and natural disasters. This smart first-aid kit has a one-touch connection to emergency health teams, and these modular eco-homes are meant to withstand earthquakes. With more than 20 million refugees worldwide, emergency shelter is desperately needed, globally. ShelterPack, designed by Hakan Gürsu of the design consultancy company Designnobis, is a true temporary home.

From a container that is only 31 centimeters high when fully compressed, each ShelterPack provides a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom for four. The Golden Award winner at the 2016 A’Design Awards, ShelterPack also provides running water and furniture, and collects rainwater via funnels on the roof. A skylight reduces the need for artificial lighting, and each apartment takes only a few hours to construct.

As the number of displaced persons worldwide continues to grow, how could the ideas behind temporary emergency shelters be expanded to support peoples’ integration into a new country?




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