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Service delivers flattery by phone, on demand


Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but there’s no doubt a few well-placed compliments can work wonders too. Where Pink Kisses delivers flattery by text message to help restore a newly single woman’s post-breakup confidence, Flatter Me is a more general service that offers phone calls full of praise for any occasion. For just USD 5, consumers can hire Flatter Me to call any friend or relation in North America and deliver a load of compliments. They can either customize the message themselves, or they can leave the compliments up to the Canadian firm. Calls are typically short and sweet, lasting between 30 seconds and one minute; common occasions for using the service include employee motivation, encouragement, birthday wishes and appreciation. A USD 10 package includes one call each week for a month. Ever hear the expression, “Flattery will get you everywhere”? We’re betting that it’s absolutely right! 😉 (Related: Service for sports fans aims to rub in the team rivalryNagging service for dieters.) Spotted by: Miriam Glassman



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