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New Hindi website supports and connects young Indian entrepreneurs


It’s no secret the amount of hard work and planning that it takes to transform a creative idea into a successful business, and while entrepreneurs have long been supported in countries such as the US, such assistance is not so forthcoming in developing economies. Aiming to tackle the problem, FledgeWing has just released a Hindi version of it’s support site for young Indian entrepreneurs. Founded by NYU Stern graduates Lewis Drummond and Joshua Meyers, the platform enables users to pitch new ideas and receive feedback and input from both peers and mentors – the quality of which is regulated by a user feedback system. There is also an area dedicated to group collaboration on projects, and a page listing events which the budding entrepreneur may find useful to attend. Furthermore, the site hosts numerous case studies and articles for students to study and learn from. As websites such as Bitsy have already identified, working in small businesses can often be a challenging experience. Services such as FledgeWing aim to tackle these challenges with a genuinely useful range of services. And by combining this functionality with a focus on the Indian market, Fledgewing’s founders could be tapping into a goldmine of potential new businesses. (Related: Daily tips for startups, distilled from books old & new.)



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