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Floating eco-farm uses cow manure to power production


In Rotterdam, a smart, waterfront Floating Farm is being built to shorten the dairy supply chain and relieve some of the conservation pressure for farmers.

Farmers and entrepreneurs are increasingly using technology to solve the problems of conserving land and water while producing more. Using smaller spaces, as in urban farming, and making businesses multi-use, such as farm-to-table experiences, are some of the solutions we’ve seen so far. In The Netherlands’ port city of Rotterdam, a pilot Floating Farm will be a living laboratory open to the public.


A collaboration between Dutch companies Courage, UitJeEIgenStad and Beladon, the smart farm is scheduled to open in January 2017. Run on rainwater, solar power and processed animal waste, the Farm will include a factory and visitor’s centre. Milk, yogurt and butter production will be closer to consumers, thus saving resources by reducing transport costs. Robotics will feature in manure collection and animal feed distribution. Cows will be housed on one level of the multi-storey structure, and a permeable floor will allow their urine and excrement to be collected for on-site power production.

What other industries could be smartened up for more sustainable multiple uses?



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